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Be where you are

Friday, November 16, 2007  
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By Jill Ramsey

I never thought I’d find myself where I am today. I came to college quite ambitious, and now a month from graduation am not anywhere close to where I thought I’d be.

I imagined myself four years into college as the president of some organization with a degree in psychology getting ready for graduate school. I thought I would be in the perfect life-long relationship trying to decide where ‘we’ wanted to go. I wanted to go to , but thought it was a serious long shot.

Four years down the road, and I couldn’t be further from those dreams, and I also couldn’t be happier.

I’m starting to see a trend in my life: I always end up exactly where I need to be and no amount of planning gets me there.

This time freshman year, I was trying to decide which dorm to move into to get out of curfew. I was awaiting my Vienna acceptance letter with my new best friend, and was hoping the seniors I’d been hanging out with really thought I was cool.

Senior year, my freshman worries are a joke. My best friend then became my all-time roommate, and is now married and studying in Costa Rica. I miss curfew, and I’ve spent over six months of my college years in New York, which I never could have dreamed.

As a freshman, I spent Thanksgiving fantasizing about what would happen in Vienna.  The following Thanksgiving I left after lunch to spend the weekend in Prague, and last year I made my grandmothers famous cream potatoes myself in my tiny New York City apartment.

This year I’ll be in Texas, thinking about the possibilities of going to Africa, and starting a career at a New York City magazine.

Things change; a lot.

People change.

We really have no idea where we will end up or where we are going.

And now more than ever I keep reminding myself that it all ends up exactly how it is supposed to. I have no control of the outcome. But it is always good.

Each split second is getting us ready for the next one. Whether it is through the people we meet or the places we show up to, we are becoming more of who God needs us to be here on Earth.

I look back now, and I can see how it has all lined up, how each beginning and end rolled to the next one making it all possible.

It’s different for everyone, totally unpredictable, and its okay.

During a hiking adventure in the Austrian Alps I learned that sometimes we can all take different paths that start at different points and still end up in the same place. Some people will create their own trail straight up the cliff, and others will try to stay on the paved road.

It’s okay not to have a career lined up on graduation day. I mean, we only graduate once. We only get this freedom one time in our lives, and when it happens for you it will be a gift, not a curse to the real world.

The most important thing is that we let go of the petty things that hold us back and tie us down. We have to let go of who we used to be and what we used to want to discover everything in front of us.

Let’s accept the changes that we’ve made in our lives and that those around us have made and learn the power of these foundational cornerstones. And know that in everything, we are exactly where God needs us to be.

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