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School replaces Eagles’ Nest goals after 30 years

Friday, October 26, 2007  
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By Stefanie Trent

Thanks to an unlikely event, the main basketball goals in the Eagles’ Nest at Oklahoma Christian University got a much needed face-lift. Since the gymnasium was built in 1970 the original goal systems had not been replaced, until this summer.

In July one of the goals came crashing to the ground resulting in both of the main goals being replaced.

Two Oklahoma Christian basketball players, David Jackson and Zackary Anderson, brought the entire support system for the south goal down after a summer workout.

“We were in the gym just doing some drills coach Hays gave us, and after we got done with those, I was just messing around and started dunking,” Jackson said.

Dunking on these goals in the past has not been a problem. In recent years larger players such as Micah Miles and Caleb Panter have dunked many times on them.

Anderson stands 5’11” and weighs 150 pounds while Jackson is 6’1” and 170 pounds. Players in the past have been taller and weighed more, and the goal had never even budged.

“We started throwing each other alley oops,” Anderson said. “I threw him one, and then, he threw me one, and that’s when the madness started. I missed the alley oop and just grabbed the rim to slow down my momentum. As I did, the rim started falling.”

The entire supports, goal and basket came crashing down with a loud thunder.

“The goal fell to about 2 feet off the ground and seemed to pause because of the two-by-four holding it into the wall,” Anderson said. “When those gave, the backboard hit the ground and shattered, shooting glass everywhere as we are watching this giant pole falling from the ceiling and striking David in the arm. It seemed to happen in slow motion.”

Jackson stood in disbelief as he witnessed the goal coming down.

“Next thing you know, the backboard is falling to the ground, and the pole that was in the ceiling came down and hit me in the arm,” Jackson said. “I didn’t move the whole time. I just stood there and stared at what was happening. I was still in disbelief.”

The shock of the event quickly turned into laughter for the players.

“Zack and I both just started cracking up, I mean I didn’t know what else to do,” Jackson said. “Thinking about it now, if I had been 6 inches farther to the right, the pole out of the ceiling would have hit me in the head.”

From where he stood, Anderson thought the outcome could have been much worse.

Jackson was only slightly injured in the accident when the pole hit him in the arm.

The team got lucky by all standards considering what could have happened.

“Afterward the only thing we could talk about was how if David would have been 6 inches more to the side, he would have been struck in the head and maybe not have survived,” Anderson said. “It was a startling experience but at the same time funny because we pulled an entire goal out of the wall.”

The goals were not able to be replaced until a week ago, forcing the Eagles and Lady Eagles to practice in Oklahoma Christian’s Recreation Center and Memorial Road Church of Christ’s gymnasium.

The new goals held up well in a junior varsity game on Monday night and are ready for the Eagle’s first home game on Nov. 6 against Texas Wesleyan University. 

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