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Traveling group keeps busy schedule

Friday, October 5, 2007  
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By Jeremy Schofield

Each year, a group of students from Oklahoma Christian University works to formulate skits applying Biblical principles to perform for prospective students. Unbound began in 2005, and uses theater methods to reach a wide range of audiences.

The group currently consists of four members: Daniel Winter, Will Kooi, Taylor Walling and Jeremiah Schofield. Although none of them are theater majors, the members of Unbound enjoy acting. The group members also frequent the Oklahoma Christian stage in various plays and musicals.

“Unbound is one of the reasons I came to Oklahoma Christian,” Walling said. “I was contacted by Dudley Chancey after high school, and he asked me if I was interested in helping form an acting group similar to Harding’s Theatron, for OC.”

An established Oklahoma Christian traveling group, Unbound performs over 30 shows at church camps, youth gatherings and conferences every summer. The group writes skits according to the topic, or theme of the specific function or camp.

“It’s great to be doing something you love but also teaching God’s word to kids in a different way than they’re used to hearing it,” Walling said.

Most recently, they started a new form of story-telling skits involving dressing up in togas. While three members play an Arabian sounding tune, the other member tells a Bible story. As the story progresses, they transition into a humorous parody of popular songs to tell a part of the story four or five times during the skit.

“It was such a successful skit that we went on to write around 12 more, all using at least five different parodies in each story,” Winter said.

Although Unbound is primarily a summer group, the members also perform a few shows throughout other times of the year.

Since Kooi is on the Pacific Rim program this semester, former member, Jennifer Gill, is filling in until he returns.

Unbound just returned from performing at Fall Fest in Cincinnati, Ohio, this past weekend. Fall Fest is a gathering of youth groups from around the north-east area.

“It was great to be back, just to pick it back up again for a while,” Gill said.

Unbound set out to Fall Fest to do several short skits to aid the lessons. While at Fall Fest, Unbound worked closely with nationally renowned preacher, Jeff Walling. The group has also worked with him in the past.

“Our biggest venue would definitely be Winter Fest,” Winter said. “There’s one in Dallas, which is around 2000 kids and another in Tennessee, which is around 5000 kids. We also perform at the Pepperdine lectureships every year and the youth camp, Zenith.”

Zenith is another event that hosts many youth groups, similar to Winter Fest and Fall Fest. It is a week long camp held on the Oklahoma Christian campus every summer.

“Zenith has a special place in our hearts because we don’t just do a show and leave,” Gill said. “We do a skit every morning and every night for a week and spend the rest of the time getting to know the kids at the camp.”

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